Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Beer; the basic recipe consists of water, hops and starch, but the different brewing techniques and variations in the recipe make it the world's most popular alcoholic beverage!

After the success of my Beer Alphabet, I've decided to start a blog about the beers I drink and the places and people I drink them with. Unlike the average beer drinker I don't just like one style of beer, I like them all be it a strong stout or a fruity ale. I will predominantly review beers that I haven't had before on this blog, but also some favourites of mine.

I've had beers in many countries and many different styles and now I want to share my experiences and why I enjoy beers with others. I will endeavour to sample a vast array of beers from as many countries as possible in as many styles as possible.

Most beers have a time and a place; you wouldn't drink a warm Guinness in the middle of Summer, nor a Corona without a lime or in winter, so I will try and take this into account where possible for my reviews. I will be rating the beers on appearance (for the style), aroma and most importantly flavour.

Whenever I have read beer reviews online they have never really done justice to the beer in real life, this is why I am doing this to give a well balanced review of interesting beers from Australia and around the world.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this and it will inspire you to try some of these beer for yourselves. Please feel free to give any feedback or comments and also any suggestions for beers to drink would be greatly appreciate.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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