Monday, 5 September 2011

From Amstel to Zwyiec

My 26 day journey through the world of beer.

After I have received a couple of emails asking for a quick run down of my beer alphabet, I thought is was only fair to give it a quick re-cap. So basically I was sent this challenge from a friend of mine in Germany, because it said you should expand your beer range and try beers from exotic places like Australia. So naturally I took on this challenge which was as follow:

'Everyday you must buy a beer starting with the letter corresponding to the day number. (ie. 1 = A and 7 = G) This Challenge is designed to broaden your beer horizons, so try to pick beers you haven't had before.'

The beers that I tried were on the most part beers I hadn't had before, you can find a list below, it was definitely a fun experience, and certainly worth the effort. I really enjoyed the buying experience as it took some serious shopping around to find some of the harder letter's such as X. I also tried to sample as many different countries beers as I could. Beers marked in red are beers I would highly recommend trying.

What a line-up!

A - Amstel, Holland
B - Budějovický Budvar, Czech Republic
C - Cusquena, Peru
D - DAB, Germany
E - Estrella Inedit, Spain - The best beer, in this list by a considerable way.
F - Floreffe, Belgium
G - Gambrinus, Czech Republic
H - Halida, Vietnam
I - Innovation, United Kingdom
J - Jamieson's Beast, Australia
K - Kozel Dark, Czech Republic
L - Lasko Club, Slovenia
M - Matso's Mango Beer, Australia
N - Nova Schin, Brazil
O - Old Fart, United Kingdom
P - Phoenix, Mauritius
Q - Quilmes, Argentina
R - Red Duck, Australia
S - Staropramen, Czech Republic
T - Tusker, Kenya
U - Urbock, Namibia
V - Viru, Estonia
W - Weihenstephaner Pilsner, Germany
X - XX Bitter, Belgium
Y - Young's Special London Ale, U.K.
Z - Zwyiec, Poland

I enjoyed this challenge so much that I have decided to make my own, I have decided to attempt to sample one beer from every European country over the next few months. I will return with further details and hopefully a beer for this challege tomorrow.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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