Saturday, 3 September 2011


Fridge Regular

  • Country: Montenegro
  • Style: German Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Serving Type: 500ml Can
  • Price: CHEAP!!!

Choosing the first beer to review here was tough! Should I review a local beer, a beer I've never had before or a beer that I drink regularly. In the end I decided to start with a beer I normally have after I finish work, Jelen Pivo.

This beer doesn't claim to be anything fancy, it's just a very nice cheap lager. And when I say cheap I mean incredibly cheap! I picked up a slab of this for $38 delivered, which comes out at $1.50 per can with only $2 for delivery. Anyway onto the beer itself.

The beer pours a very clear golden straw colour. It has rather light carbonation and an amazing white head, which turns to a light lacing by around half way through drinking. Some would argue that this isn't typical for a lager, but I disagree. It's a great looking beer served in a spectacular can.

Unlike many lagers, this beer has a very light aroma. It's slightly malty and there is a very mild citrus smell. The odd can of this beer smells slightly metalic, which is a danger of some imported can beers, which sit too long.

This beer is very refreshing. I really like it, however it can be incredibly polarizing. The flavour is very interesting, it has a mild maltiness mixed with light lemon flavouring. All quite normal, but the finish is what set's this Montenegrin lager apart from the rest. It has a bitter weed aftertaste, similar to some Scottish Ale's made with thistle, something I have never found in a beer from this area. This is probably due to a strange variety of hops, but I am honestly not sure.

In summing up this beer I can only say that you have to try this beer to know if you will like it. However if you like Pilsner Urquell I feel you will enjoy this beer. This is an excellent after work beer and would also be a great beer to drink in summer, because it is so refreshing. Serve this as cold as you can get it and you won't be disappointed!

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!


  1. Hey dude
    A nice review, but this one is actually from Serbia, not Montenegro


    1. Yes Jelen's main brewery is in Serbia. In Australia we only get Jelen brewed at Trebjesa Brewry in Montenegro - where they brew Niksicko.