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G'day all, I know it been a while but I'm back! For the last couple of weeks I've been on a roadtrip with the boys, and as inevitably happens on these types of trips many many beers were consumed. This is just a quick run-down of what we drank and then we can get back into some real reviews.

We drank a whole heap of beer while we were away so I'll do my best to recall as many of them as I can. In an attempt to try and do this trip for as cheaply as possible, I was sent on a mission to find some cheap drinkable beer to start the trip with. $126 later and we had 5 slabs, 2 Tecate cans, 2 Carlsberg bottles and a slab of Tiger cans. Quite successful if you ask me...

Of these original slabs the Tecate, pictured left, was by far the best rather surprisingly. The beer tasted fresh and distinctly not like a Mexican beer, the can looks strikingly like a coke can as well. Carlsberg is a solid beer and nothing more, while the Tiger cans also went down very nicely in the hot sun. These beers didn't last long and pretty soon we needed to go and get some more beers...

Again motivated by price we decided to try a relatively new beer on the market, Victoria Pale Lager. Being proud Victorian's ourselves it seemed like a good idea, and indeed it turned out to be so. The lager was very drinkable while not having a heap of hops. As Australian macro-lagers go this is one of the better ones. At the other end of the Australian beer spectrum, Stone & Wood Lager, was sampled by most members in our group after a small walk into town. This lager is made by the local brewery in Byron Bay, where we spent a few days, the brewery's Pacific Ale won the Australian Critics Choice beer award for 2010. The lager was decent without being exceptional.

Tecate Barcode

After over a year of enjoying the Pacific Ale, previously reviewed on Beer O'clock see link, I finally managed to sample it on tap! The beer is simply superb on tap, all of the flavours which are prominent in the bottle are even more pronounced, and the crispness is sensational. It was the perfect beer for a hot day in a pub, on the beach in Byron Bay!

A few slabs of Becks served as pre-drinks for the rest of our time in Byron, before our trip down the NSW coast to Jervis Bay where we would spend the rest of our time. Being in NSW we thought it was only right to at least try their state beer, Tooheys New. It was a lovely beer to drink while watching the cricket on TV, but had nothing on Carlton Draught (our state beer) and really had no substance to it.

We stumbled across some cheap Tooheys Extra Dry and were so impressed by the crisp dry taste that four slabs suddenly ended up next in our fridge. Normally I'm not a fan of beers in clear glass bottles, but there is always an exception to the rule. A slab of Grolsch was bought to appease the people who wanted a Euro beer, and it was strangely disappointing. As all other times I've had Grolsch it was better than this slab.

Our final beers in Jervis Bay were a few slabs of our states other beer, Victoria Bitter and some very cheap German beer called Henninger. The Henninger was a solid lager with good hops throughout. VB is a solid beer, best served absolutely ice cold it's one of the beers that you have to try when in Australia. Our last night was spent at a mate's farm on the way back home. We finished a great trip with some Becks and some red wine for good measure. Becks in my opinion is one of the better imported beers in Australia because it travels alot better than any of the others. It's clean taste helped make it a fitting end to a wonderful trip.

Hopefully I've remembered all of the beers we sampled, if not it's still a very substantial list. I'm looking to make tomorrow a special day beerwise, so hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a new interesting review. Hope you all enjoy this quick rundown.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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