Thursday, 5 April 2012


G'day guys,

Thanks for all of your messages and emails recently. Beer O'Clock Australia has gone from strength to strength in the last few months and it's all down to you guys. If you have any suggestions for new sections for the blog they would be appreciated. This is just a quick overview of how all the challenges and sections are progressing.

European Beer Challenge - The main reason this blog was started. We are 37 countries down and 16 to go. This challenge is proving much harder than anticipated. If anyone can help me with any of the remaining countries I would be incredibly grateful.
Summer Fruit Beers - So far we have sampled a number of fruit beers, both traditional and non-traditional flavours. There are more to come in the coming weeks so stay tuned.
Great Beer Styles - This is quite a niche section. As we find any really exotic styles more beers will appear in this section. Suggestions are particularly welcome here.
The Great Bottle vs. Can Debate - One of the most popular sections on this blog and one of my favourites to do. There will be a new installment here soon.
The World's best beer contender? - There is at least one beer in the pipeline for this section, I'm just waiting for the right moment to unleash it.
Trappist Beer - Our first completed challenge on Beer O'Clock Australia. As mentioned in the last post we will continue this when I get round to drinking more trappist beers.
Fridge Regulars - This is the section where I write about the beers that appear regularly in my fridge. A few beers I've had recently will be making their way into this category quite soon.
Oktoberfest Beers - This challenge has sort of stagnated a little in recent times, it will return but probably not until August or September when Oktoberfest beers come back into stock.
Macro Lagers - One of the newest segments on the blog, and I guarantee it's going to become one of the biggest! Lots of Asian stuff coming soon.
AND finally we need your help! Our new section needs a name and we are offering a beer prize pack for the person who comes up with the wittiest name! It's a fantastic prize pack! The section is basically the beers I drink that don't fit into the other categories.

All you need to do is email your name for the section to, find the beers reviewed so far here. In complying with state law their are a set of terms & conditions available (but don't ask for them!)

Cheers guys and thanks for your continued reading, get those suggestions in quickly as we would like our new section to be named come the weekend.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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