Monday, 18 June 2012


Both of these sides need a win to put them through to the next stage, and they need Ireland to at least get a point off Italy. Croatia will again be represented by Karlovacko this time purchased from Acland Cellars (a specialty beer and wine shop). They will come up against a Spanish beer, which I think is the only Bock in the tournament, in the the shape of 1906 Reserva Especial. It's all to play for this in this battle!

Karlovacko (AC)
Czech Pilsner
A win for this Karlovacko would probably see them through, as Ireland should go through the group undefeated. Unfortunately for them this is by far the worst of the Karlovacko's I've had so far, it seems pretty old and skunked. Not a good one.

In Australia we don't get exposed to nearly enough bocks. This one is not particularly good, the colour is far too clear, the head is not good and the flavour overall is average. It may be a good introductory bock for people looking to get into the style, but for seasoned drinkers not one I would look for.

1906 Reserva Especial

I would normally back a bock to be a better winter beer than a Czech pilsner, in this case it probably isn't. The fact that the Karlovacko was skunked didn't hurt it as much as some other beers, it still drank very nicely despite the slightly skunky nature. The 1906 Reserva Especial has good caramel malt flavours, but a high carbonation and no other dominant flavours makes it quite a weak bock overall. I'm not impressed by either of these beers.

1-1 DRAW
On the pitch: These two sides top the group on 4 points each, and know that a 2-2 draw will almost certainly knock the Italians out and send both sides through. Both sides will want to top the group and so I expect both teams to go out looking for goals. Conspiracy theories aside I actually think this game could be a draw, Croatia have alot of fire power and Spain are playing quite well. 2-2 may just be the result...

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