Thursday, 21 June 2012


The Czech Republic topped group A with some impressive results, while Denmark went through after draws against their two top rivals. Denmark are pulling out the big guns (pardon the pun) today to try and beat the Czechs, with a 1 litre can of Faxe representing them. The Czechs will be represented by Kozel Dark, the lager performed admirably earlier in the tournament will the dark beer live up to expectations and see the Czechs through? Let's find out!

Kozel Dark
Munich Dunkel Lager
This is a sensational dark beer! The drinkability is awesome, theres some good roast flavours and it's fantastically smooth. This is a dark beer that won't offend people not used to them, while still giving an insight into what they taste like. Magnificent!

Faxe Premium is a nice Danish lager, only available in Australia in 1 litre cans. It's one of the best ways to enjoy beer, and this one is no exception. It's an enjoyable lager, but it's on the lower end of the quality scale. Brilliant for drinking though, it's got high sessionability.

Faxe Premium
Euro Pale Lager

The first quarter final of the beer tournament saw a brilliant performance from the Czech Republic send them through to the semi-finals of Beer O'Clock Australia's Euro 2012 competition. Denmark's entry, Faxe Premium, was a solid lager but nothing more, it didn't quite have that extra thing it needed to take the next step and really challenge the Czechs. In saying that if you are after a session beer, these 1 Litre cans are $6 at Safeway and First Choice at the moment.


The Czechs play the Portuguese in the real tournament's first quarter final this evening (well tomorrow morning...). Any team to get out of group B is going to be one of the sides to beat in this tournament, however I think the Portuguese while they are dangerous aren't a great side. The Czech Republic were impressive after their first up loss against the Russians. I expect them to beat Portugal, but if they don't watch out for Portugal to win the tournament as it will lift their confidence hugely. I reckon a 2-1 win to the Czech Republic.

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