Sunday, 24 June 2012


England play Italy tonight, both in the bar and on the pitch! In the bar Fuller's India Pale Ale will represent England in this last quarter final, I haven't had this beer and English IPA's don't always hit the spot for me, we shall see though. Italy have sent up Birra Moretti, a decent high quality Euro Pale Lager. I'm interested to see which one of these drinks better this evening.

Fuller's IPA
English IPA
Fuller's IPA is a fantastic example of the English style of IPA's. This beer is bitter sweet and delicious, the hops are impressive and this is the main taste you are left with after drinking. One I would definitely buy again.

Birra Moretti is a very clean lager. It's well made and has a crisp, dry finish. The issue with it is that the flavours aren't strong enough. The malts and grains are weak and inoffensive, while there just aren't enough of the hops to provide bitterness. Still very easy drinking.

Birra Moretti 
Euro Pale Lager

The Italians put up a good fight but I have had to award this extremely close match to England. There wasn't alot wrong with Birra Moretti, but it is very hard for a lager to top an English ale. In arguably the closest match of the tournament England have just edged it due to the delicious hop flavour. England now progress to play Germany in the next round in an absolute clash of the titans! I really would like this clash to eventuate on the pitch as well...

3-2 win to ENGLAND AET
On the pitch: ENGLAND vs. ITALY 

This is the first time in the knockout stages that the beer gods have aligned with the actual tournament. England didn't convince hugely throughout the group stage and now with expectations rising I wouldn't be surprised to see them fall. Italy played well against Spain and I still believe that the Balotelli/Cassano partnership is going to do some damage, and I feel tonight will be the night they click. Italy to win in extra time, 2-1 or on penalties.

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