Friday, 15 June 2012


A win for England will see them progress to the knockout round, and as Sweden will again be represented by Pistonhead Low Ridin' lager, I can't see any other result than that! Abbot Reserve will represent the English, I haven't had this one before but I have had the normal Abbot Ale which is a really nice beer. It's fair to say I'm looking forward to one of these and really dreading the other!

Abbot Reserve
English Strong Ale
Abbot Reserve comes in a clear bottle, a big no in my books they go off so easily, but the pour is a fantastic amber colour. The flavour is of sweet fruit such as peach and pineapple with hints of nice caramelisation. This is a really typical English ale, it's the perfect beer to represent the country.

I ask myself sometimes, why do I continue to drink beer that I know is crap? I suppose it's because I have it and also because I feel an obligation to finish this challenge properly. This beer has not improved at all, it still tastes like crap at least the beer looks ok...

Pistonhead Low Ridin'
American Pale Lager

The Abbot Reserve was a clear winner, this ale got better as it warmed up and I reckon would be incredible on cask. Pistonhead and Sweden really just aren't up to it in this beer tournament. Maybe if Pripps or Spendrups were exported out here it might have been a different story, they aren't out of it mathematically but knowing what's coming up in their next game they may as well kiss the tournament goodbye. England are through to the knockout stages with a game to spare.

2-0 win to ENGLAND
On the pitch: Just like in the beer tournament I expect England to win, but on the pitch it should be a much more even contest. England have come into a major tournament without the usual hype surrounding them and it should benefit the squad. Sweden are dangerous through Ibrahimovic, but if England can shut him out they basically stop Sweden. England to win 2-1.

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