Friday, 22 June 2012


Neighbours Germany and Poland will play off in quarter final 2 of the beer tournament. Both nations produce a vast array of different beers and so this match is set to be a cracker. Germany have sent up Radeberger Pils to take on the Zywiec lager from Poland. Both of these beers are lagers, which really makes it easier to compare. This quarter final should be fantastic, Radeberger I've never had and Zywiec I have had but cannot for the life of me remember what it tastes like.

Radeberger Pils
German Pilsner
Despite the less than impressive pour Radeberger Pilsner is a seriously good beer! There is a heap of bitterness present at the back end of this beer and the hops are fantastic. This is a delicious beer and one I will be buying more of.

Zywiec is a better than run or the mill lager but not by a lot. The extra ABV is a Polish thing to try and compete with vodka. (That's 100% true!) It has a lot of sweet malts with only some bitterness from herbal hops. Still it's very drinkable and quite enjoyable.

Euro Pale Lager

Both lagers were enjoyable to drink and I enjoyed both of them for different reasons. The German entry was simply superb, the bitterness was excellent and I enjoyed drinking it immensely. The Polish beer, Zywiec, was good but not quite up to the same level. Don't get me wrong it has great drinkability but for someone who likes to taste some hops in their lager, this wasn't quite the beer for me. I would happily drink both beers again, but for today the Germans have won.

3-2win to GERMANY
On the pitch: GERMANY vs. GREECE 

Just as in the beer tournament the Germans topped Group B on the field. The Greeks snuck through on the last day with a 1-0 win over the Russians, which sent them through with a superior head to head record. They have been passionate throughout the tournament but without Giorgios Karagounis they are going to struggle in the middle against a brilliant, quick German side. In my opinion the Germans will smash the Greeks in their first really dominant performance of the tournament, 4-0!

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