Saturday, 9 June 2012


Match 2 in Group B is going to be one of the matches of the group stages on the field. Germany is known worldwide as being producers of some of the finest beers. Flensburger Pilsner is one I haven't had before but have heard it will carry on the expectations of the Germans. Portugal on the otherhand don't have a reputation for making good beers, tonight's representative Super Bock is a serviceable lager previously reviewed as part of the European Beer Challenge.

Flensburger Pils
German Pilsner
Flensburger Pilsner is an excellent example of how a German Pilsner should look. Big head on top of a golden body. The nose is of sweet malts and not alot in terms of hops. The flavour is similar, some grassy hops present but not enough bitterness for the style. Still an easy drinking beer though...

Super Bock just isn't really that good, or at least this bottle isn't. It's an easy lager to drink there just isn't alot of flavour to it. It's a cheap lager which is, unfortunately for Portugal, reflected in the score.

Super Bock
American Ad. Lager
Portugal were just never in the game! The Germans were all over them from the get go and that was without setting the world on fire. The Flensburger Pilsner was nice enough to drink but wasn't anything special, it's appearance and subsequent lacing is just superb though! The Super Bock is just plain average, hopefully Portugal's next performance will be better than this one was, because if not they will be out of the beer Euro's very quickly!

1-0 win to GERMANY
On the pitch: This game could be a real shootout, but I wouldn't think the Germans will get sucked into that. They will want to play the game on their terms as Portugal have real pace and quality up front, which could trouble the sometimes suspect German defence. This young German team is real quality though, Meszut Ozil is a gun and if Bastian Schweinsteiger is fully fit, they are going to propel the Germans to the title. I can't see them losing this game, they will win it, the score though could be anything. Germany to win though.

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