Tuesday, 12 June 2012


This game is do or die for the Greeks in the beer tournament, if they don't win they are out! The Czech's have had one of their worst beers up first and can only improve as the tournament goes on. The Greeks will be represented by their national beer, Mythos Hellenic Lager. Kozel Premium is going to be a hard beer to beat, below is the beer tournament table for Group A.

Euro Pale Lager
This is one of the better known lagers around the world. Mythos is nothing special in terms of flavour, but it's drinkability is fantastic. It would make an excellent session beer, and for watch the soccer it's great!

Kozel Premium is a beer more in the typical Czech style. It's nice and bitter and just a step up from the Mythos. It's quite a malty pilsner, which is also highly hopped. This is a high quality beer and one I would happily have again.

Kozel Premium
CZECH Republic
Czech Pilsner

The scoreline represents that this game was a lot tighter than it was. The Kozel Premium is a really nice high end lager. Mythos is a solid cheap lager, which is more about the drinkability than the actual taste. The Czech's were by far the better side and fully deserved their win. It puts them through to the knockout round of the beer tournament, after their earlier win against the Russians.

On the pitch: I expect the Czech's to bounce back from their trouncing at the hands of the Russian's. The Greeks showed great resilience to fight back for a draw with 10 men against the Poles. Salpingidis has to start if they are to have any chance at all in this game. Still I don't think it will be enough though, the Czech's should win and win easily.

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