Saturday, 16 June 2012


This game is a dead rubber as the other two sides drawing has seen both of them go through to the next round. The lack of Baltika and Ochakovo is strange for this time of year, normally it's easy to find. This lack of supply has seen Baltika #7 represent Russia again, it will face off against Craft Red Ale from Greece.

Craft Red Ale
American Amber Ale
Craft Red Ale was a surprisingly crisp and refreshing amber ale. The colour was fantastic, the beer mostly tasted of caramels but wasn't sweet by any means. It was a more than solid beer, it's the best beer I've had from this brewery.

We went down to Acland Street Cellars for this Baltika #7. It was not as well cared for as the last one from Purvis. The beer has skunked slightly and is not as nice to drink as it sometimes can be. A bit disappointing actually, almost as disappointing as not finding any Baltika #4 in the last few months.

Baltika #7

The drinkability of the Greek beer has what has got them over the line in this match. For an amber ale it had quite mellow flavours but wasn't too sweet. This was a huge tick in the Greek box compared to this Baltika #7, which was skunked and hard to drink. The margin could have been greater on another day but 2-1 seemed fair today. I would buy the Craft Red Ale again, it was reasonably impressive.

2-1 win to GREECE
On the pitch: Russia were excellent on the opening day against the Czechs and followed it up with a useful point against the co-hosts Poland. I can't see the Greeks providing enough resistance to stop Arshavin, Dzagoev and co. Greece have tried manfully in this tournament and no one can fault them for that, but they just don't have the quality required to break down these top teams. The Czech Repbulic to win 2-1.

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