Thursday, 14 June 2012


A loss for either of these sides in the beer tournament will be devastating. As we know Croatia will again be represented by Karlovacko, this time bought from the big chain store Dan Murphy's. It will be interesting to see if the transportation has done more or less damage to the beer. Italy will be represent by Imper Ale Ubi Rossa, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. It's a big game for both, let's see what happens!

Imper Ale Ubi Rossa
Belg. Strong Dark Ale
This is a beer that's been recommended to me for ages by the guy at the beer store. I've finally bought it and I'm glad I did. This is a really nice ale, full of dark fruit flavours. The ABV is a little high, but it has surprisingly high drinkability.

Dan Murphy's have actually looked after this Karlovacko quite well. It's not quite up to the freshness of the one from Purvis, the brew dates are a couple of months apart, but still it's not bad. The bitterness isn't quite there in this bottle but it's still very drinkable.

Karlovacko (DM)
Czech Pilsner

Italy were the better side in this match but unfortunately weren't quite good enough to get over the line. The Karlovacko was worse than the other day but still did enough to score a couple of goals. A two all draw is a fair result and leaves both countries looking to the result of the Spain and Ireland match, to see if they can still have their destiny in their own hands come the final match day in Group C. These are both pretty decent beers and worth a shot if you come across them.

2-2 DRAW
On the pitch: The first round of matches saw excellent performances from both of these sides. Italy was good value for their point against Spain, while Croatia's performance against Ireland was superb. If Italy play with Danielle De Rossi in a back three against Croatia they will be slaughtered. He was good against Italy before Torres came on and ran off his back shoulder, when he was made to look a bit silly. I think Croatia will spring a surprise here, 2-0 win to Croatia.

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