Monday, 18 June 2012


Unlike the real tournament where they are anchored to the foot of the table, Ireland are already safely through to the next round with wins in their opening 2 games. The Irish onslaught of beers more suited to winter conditions continues with Murphy's Irish Stout. The Italians need a win to ensure their qualification and will be represented by Ichnusa, a beer I'm quite familiar with, bring on the beers!

Euro Pale Lager
Ichnusa is a beer I've had a few times. It's not that good but as far as Euro Pale Lagers go it's not unflavoursome. This isn't a lager you are going to be impressed with, but if you see it on a restaurant menu it's a pretty good option.

Murphy's has a very light mouthfeel for a stout, but retains all of the smokeyness that I would expect from a full blooded stout. It's only got a 4% ABV so you can put a few away, as I have done this evening.

Murphy's Irish Stout
Irish Dry Stout

Ireland are going through this group undefeated, which is very different to what will happen on the pitch. Murphy's Irish Stout was a tad watery, but after a big night of drinking it was a pretty nice stout. Ichnusa is a light flavoured lager, which is pretty run of the mill. Some research has told me that it is produced by Heineken Italy, so that explains the relatively bland flavour somewhat. 2-1 to Ireland is the only result that justifies how the beers taste.

2-1 win to IRELAND
On the pitch: I don't expect Ireland to lie down in this one, it's Damian Duff's 100th international cap and they will want to win it for him. Italy know they have to win this and for the other result to go their way in order to progress. I think the Italian's should be too good for the Irish, I think they will win but I've got no idea what the score will be, maybe 1-0.

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