Wednesday, 13 June 2012


This group is playing out in the beer tournament just as it is on the pitch. The German's got a win in their first game and can knock the Dutch out here with a win in this match. And they have one of their big guns to try and do this, Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock, supposedly the best beer from this brewery. The Netherlands will try and stay alive with the help of an old favourite of mine, Grolsch. This will be an interesting match up both on and off the pitch.

Euro Pale Lager
Grolsch Premium really isn't as good as I remember. The appearance is solid, but the taste is really metallic and actually is a bit cloying. I don't know if it's just this bottle, but this seems a little old and the drinkability isn't that good.

The Weltenburger Asam Bock is clearly the best of their beers, this is truly sensational! It's a lovely warming Bock full of intense flavours and enough alcohol to warm you. Simply a brilliant winter beer, there are going to be more of these at my house very soon!

Weltenburger Asam

The German's have put in the best performance of the beer tournament so far and simply blown the Dutch out of the water (or beer if you will)! The depth of flavours in the Asam Bock was far superior to anything else produced in the tournament so far and the fairly average Grolsch simply stood no chance. The German's progress to the next round, while the Dutch are out! This is somewhat of a surprise but opens the doors to the Dane's who only need to avoid defeat against Germany to progress to the knockout stages.

4-1 win to GERMANY
On the pitch: What a scintilating prospect this match up is! Two of the real tournament favourites are going head to head in the group stages and a big result to either team could really dent the chances of the other. The Dutch are an incredibly attacking side, who although they didn't gel in the first game could get it together and trouble the German's weakest position, central defence. The German's in my mind are the team to beat at this tournament and I expect them to get it done, 3-2.

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