Thursday, 7 June 2012


Welcome to Beer O'Clock Australia's UEFA EURO 2012 Beer Tournament! This is the first game of the tournament between Poland and Greece. Today's first game will be a battle of the dark beers with Poland being represented by Zywiec Porter and Greece by Craft Smoked Lager. I haven't had either of these beers before so this should be interesting.

Zywiec Porter
Baltic Porter
So first to one of the co-hosts; Poland. Zywiec Porter is an impressive looking beer. The nose is roasty and the flavours are of chocolate and coffee, which are roasted to perfection. At 9.5% sip it slowly...

Greece may appear to have an advantage by having a craft beer represent them first. The beer is nowhere near as dark as I had anticipated, it's almost golden in colour! It smells like peat, there are some hops present but the real character of this beer is smokey quality. It's very different and unexpected...

Craft Smoked Lager

This was a tightly fought contest right from the off. The Zywiec Porter took an early lead through the fantastic appearance for a Baltic Porter. The noses of both beers are of similar quality, both very roasty and not over done, which is a problem with poor quality smokey beers. Neither of these are poor quality but the smoothness of the Polish beer soundly beat the Greek Craft (and craft) beer, which proved quite difficult to drink after the positive initial sips. The score below is worked out by applying a formula to convert a mark out of 10 to goals..

3-1 win to POLAND
On the pitch: As I'm a man I have to have my say on what will actually happen on the field. Poland and Greece are both quite big physical sides. They could quite easily cancel each other out with negative tactics. Lewandowski is the only really quality attacking player from either team and for that reason coupled with the home crowd advantage, I'm going to tip Poland to get up in a low scoring game. It certainly won't be the high scoring game the beer has predicted...

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