Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Just like the first game this evening it is do or die for one team, the Russian's. A lack of Russian beer in Australia at the moment has seen Baltika #7 have to represent them again. It comes up againt a Polish beer that I've seen alot but never actually bought, Brok Export. A win for Poland would send them through to the knockout stage, while a win for Russia would keep them alive. This promises to be a gripping encounter.

Brok Export
Euro Pale Lager
Brok Export has surprised me a little, when I think of Polish lagers I normally think of relatively low quality beers. This one is different, it has really nice herbal hops and a good malt body to it. It would make a lovely session beer and I'm pretty happy I bought a 6-pack of it.

The second time Baltika #7 has represented Russia in this tournament. This bottle was bought at Purvis Cellars, and has clearly survived the journey from Russia better. It's fresher and hoppier, it's a nice drinking lager in this form. Not exceptional though...

Baltika #7

In this clash both sides were quite impressive without taking that step to the next level. Both Russia and Poland produced nice easy drinking lagers that were both different in their own way. The Brok was hoppier and relied on the unusual hop variety to seperate it from the rest, while the Baltika #7 just had that little edge in drinkability. In the end it was too hard to serperate the 2 and a draw seemed like the fairest result. I would say this is one of the most impressive matches of the beer tournament so far!

2-2 DRAW
On the pitch: After watching the first round of matches it's very hard to tip against the Russians. Poland were good in the first half of their match but faded badly against 10 men. The Russians on the other hand were dominant against a supposedly far superior side. Poland need to lift if they are to trouble the Russians, I don't think even the home crowd can spur them on. Russia to win, comfortably!

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