Sunday, 17 June 2012


Mathematically it is still possible for Portugal to progress to the next round but they will need to beat the Netherlands and hope Germany do them a favour against Denmark. The beer the Portuguese are pinning their hopes on is Super Bock Stout, a new beer for me. They are coming up the already relegated Dutch, Oranjeboom is up for them today.

Super Bock Stout
Euro Dark Lager
Super Bock Stout is significantly better than normal Super Bock. Wow this is a fantastically easy to drink dark lager, it's definitely not a stout! The flavour is slightly smokey, theres enough hops and it has a nice thin mouthfeel. It's a fantastic winter beer!

I was always taught not so say anything unless you have anything nice to say. I should apply this in the case of Oranjeboom, it's horrible. Doesn't drink well, is far too sweet and has next to no bitterness. Skip this one!

Euro Pale Lager

It should be reasonably clear from my review that the Netherlands have lost again and been whitewashed in the tournament. The Super Bock Stout (although not a stout) was a really nice dark beer. I don't think the score is indicative of another day, but for today this beer went down beautifully. Oranjeboom is just awful, please never put yourself through the ordeal of drinking this!

3-0 win to PORTUGAL
On the pitch: Anything is still possible in the group of death. Both the Dutch and the Portuguese can still qualify and both know that a win is crucial. The Dutch have been disappointing all tournament but if they can click in this game, win by 2 goals and Germany beat the Danes they will go through. Portugal haven't impressed me despite beating Denmark, I'm going to tip the Dutch to finally click and to win 3-1, will that be enough to go through though? I don't think so.

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