Friday, 8 June 2012


Game 2 in Euro 2012, is going to be a much better game than the first game. The Czech's and the Russian's have a chequered history on and off the field, to say the least. This matchup between Russia's biggest export beer and Budejovicky Budvar's Special Lager will be a ripping matchup. I've never had the Special lager from Budvar, but their normal lager is excellent. Baltika 7 was previously reviewed here as part of the European Beer Challenge.

Baltika #7
I was actually really disappointed with this example of Baltika #7. The appearance was good but the nose and flavour seemed slightly skunked. It wasn't hugely impressive...

You would expect the Czech Republic to dominate this match. It's fair to say that the Budvar Special Lager is a far superior beer to the Baltika #7, but it is far from a great beer. The alcohol is a bit much for my liking and there is too much malt and not enough of the Saaz hops, which are mentioned on the back of the bottle. 

Budvar Special
CZECH Republic
Euro Strong Lager
If I'm being honest both beers were somewhat disappointing. Budvar Special Lager was clearly the superior beer but Baltika 7 put up a good fight for Russia. The Czech's were behind after the appearance but a superior nose and flavour helped propel the Czech's to a slight win. I would be quite surprised if a similar result didn't occur in the real game...
On the pitch: As I mentioned above I expect the Czech's to get up, maybe 2-1 or 3-2. I have no doubt in Russia's ability to qualify for the next round from this group and if Arshavin is on any result is possible. The Czech's with Rosicky in midfield and Cech in goals I just can't see losing though. This will be one of the best games of the group stages, and it would want to be if I'm staying up for a 4:45am kickoff!

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