Thursday, 14 June 2012


Some would be surprised with Ireland's position atop the Group C beer tournament table, but with their range of beers suited more to winter conditions than lagers I'm not hugely surprised. Spain will be represented by Ambar 1900, a beer I haven't had before while Ireland will be represented by Guinness Draught in surger (nitro) can form. These are two very different beers, but it should still be a great match up!

Ambar 1900
English Pale Ale
Firstly I'm going to say that the packaging is really cool on this beer. The beer itself is really drinkable, but I'm not sure if I like it flavour-wise. At first I think this malty ale's banana flavour is appealing but then the next sip I think I don't like it. It's an interesting ale and one you are definitely going to need to try to find out if you will like it.

Guinness is a worldwide institution and these surger cans are at the point where they are nearly as good as Guinness on tap in Ireland. The body and head are perfect and the flavour is awesome. If your going to have Guinness at home, this is the way to go!

Guinness Draught
Irish Dry Stout

It's hard to praise the Guinness surger cans more then I already have, they really are the only way to have Guinness at home (or outside Ireland for that matter)! I still couldn't decide if I liked the Ambar 1900 or not, so I ended up giving them one goal for the packaging and one for the rest. It would have been harsh on Ireland not to win this game and in doing so they have put themselves through to the next round. It's all to play for, for the other three teams on the final match day of Group C.

3-2 win to IRELAND
On the pitch: Spain will win this game comfortably, they played well against Italy without really threatening however Ireland aren't anywhere near as good as Italy! Ireland will try hard but should be outclassed by Xavi, Iniesta and co. Ireland may trouble Spain from set pieces but if they conceded early Spain could rack up a cricket score. I can't see any other result than Spain winning comfortably.

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