Sunday, 10 June 2012


So far the beer tournament is going pretty much as expected, unlike the real tournament where the first real shock occured yesterday with the Dutch losing. Today's first game is between the last two world cup winners. Estrella Damm is the standard Spanish lager and one of the most drunk beers in Spain, particularly in Barcelona. Italy are being represented by a can of Peroni, I'm sure I will have had many of these in Italy a couple of years ago, but I really can't remember. Could that be an endorsement of this beer? This should be an interesting match up.

Estrella Damm
Euro Pale Lager
Estrella Damm really is a good drinking beer. It has quite mild flavours, low carbonation and goes down very smoothly. It's pretty average in the scheme of things, but not bad as far as cheapish lagers go.

Most of the time outside Italy we know the Peroni Nastro Azzuri, the premium version of this beer. This actually isn't that bad, the grains are sweet, the hops are grassy and it's really downable. Not an exceptional beer by any means, but would make a good session beer.

Birra Peroni
Euro Pale Lager

Despite the relatively cheap nature of the Estrella it leaves some impressive lacing, unfortunately for Spanish fans thats as far as this beer goes. The Peroni is a superior drinking beer, the flavour is better, the drinkability is better and really there isn't too much wrong with it. Unfortunately for the Italians though, despite being the superior side, they couldn't find the extra point they needed to beat the Spanish. A draws a pretty fair result in this one.

1-1 DRAW
On the pitch: This game will be closer than most people think, Spain will boss the game in midfield but their defence is a little shaky and against an Italian front two of Balotelli and Cassano could come under some real trouble at times. Without David Villa to finish off the work of their midfielders, I'm struggling to see Spain as real contenders. Italy could surprise and I think I'll tip them to get up, and get up handsomely 3-0!

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