Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Sweden have been absolutely destroyed by their squad selection (despite how much my hand was forced). Pistonhead Low Ridin' lager is just attrocious, if Kronenbourg 1664 in the can doesn't beat it the French don't deserve to go through. I really hope Sweden don't beat them because I don't think I can stand to drink another one! France only need a draw to knock the Swedes out, please let them do it.

Pistonhead Low Ridin'
American Pale Lager
I've been really harsh on Pistonhead so far, and with good reason, but this is the best one of the lot. The flavour isn't disgusting! It tastes like a mineral water not a beer, but thats a significant improvement!

Kronenbourg 1664 in a can is such a refreshing lager. The heads fantastic, just compare it to the bottle on the opening day! It's so fresh and in this form is one of the best lagers you can buy in Australia.

Kronenbourg 1664
Euro Pale Lager

I thought that the significant improvement from Pistonhead was worthy of giving them a goal in this tournament, even though it still didn't taste like a beer. Kronenbourg just ticked all the boxes for a lager, really refreshing, good bitterness and real drinkability. It can form it is one of the premier lagers of the competition so far! 3-1 is a great way for France to round out the group and move into the knockout stage.

3-1 win to FRANCE
On the pitch: A point from France send them through and although they are playing the pointless Swedes this will be a tougher challenge than anticipated. Sweden have played quite well and not for 7 minutes against Ukraine where they capitulated and some shonky defending against England they could easily have 6 points instead of none. I think the French should manage that point though, a 2-2 draw to round out the group stages.

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