Friday, 15 June 2012


On the pitch the hosts Ukraine shocked everyone to beat the Swedes in their opening group game, while France were good value for their draw with England. Ukraine will again unfortunately be represented by the empty Obolon glass, while France will be represented by that very strange beer Gavroche that has been reviewed here before.

Obolon Glass
Beer Glass
Ukraine have once again put in a very shallow performance. Their squad has still failed to arrive and this beer glass is all that can represent the host country. It's still a pretty glass but it can't stand up to a beer of Gavroche's quality.

Gavroche grows on me everytime I try it. The extreme carbonation leads to a large head, but it settles by the time you drink it to just a zesty tongue feel. The flavour is mostly malty but has spicy and herbal hops elements to it and is incredibly complex.

Biere de Garde

I just can't find a way to give the co-hosts a goal, I mean the beer glass looks awesome but theres no beer in it! France have been ably represented by Gavroche, it's a ripping beer that, as the style suggests, get better with age. If you are to try Gavroche I would suggest buying a few and trying them periodically over say a year. It clearly improves with age and you will get used to the strong carbonation as well. A clear cut win for France in this one.

3-0 win to FRANCE
On the pitch: France should have too much quality for Ukraine to handle, especially in midfield. But I think I said that about the Swede's as well and the host nation surprised them. Yann M'Vila should be back for France and his inclusion will make the central defensive partnership of Mexes and Rami look better than what it is. France should win this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ukraine pull out a draw and in fact I'm going to tip a 1-1 draw.

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