Monday, 11 June 2012


Day Four of EURO 2012, sees the other co-hosts finally take the field. Ukraine squad has unfortunately failed to arrive at this stage of the Beer Tournament, and as such will be represented by a beer glass from their main brewery Obolon. Swedish beer is also notoriously hard to find in Australia and as such today Pistonhead Low Ridin' lager will represent them (sorry Swedish fans!).

Obolon Glass
Beer Glass
If I was to use a cliche, which I feel I should in these circumstances, I would have to say that Ukraine put in a rather empty performance today... The beer glass is lovely though, it's a 0.5L glass with lots of gold leafing, it's nice but probably can't score a goal...

Pistonhead is just a nasty nasty beer! Please don't buy this beer, it's not worth your money! The nose is actually a little sweet and almost fruity, but the flavour is just disgusting and sour. It's not nice at all, I don't know why I put myself through these things sometime...

Pistonhead Low Ridin'
American Pale Lager

It may seem harsh to award a draw to a country which didn't even put a beer up for tasting but Pistonhead Low Ridin' Lager really is that bad! This one smells better than the one I reviewed for the European Beer Challenge (my last review seems way too positive by the way). Sweden scored the very top score to get no goals, which is unfortunate but thats what can happen with this scoring system. Beer is normally better than no beer, but in this case I was almost tempted to give no beer the win, seriously never ever buy Pistonhead! It's just undrinkable!

0-0 DRAW
On the pitch: Ukraine's preparations have been hampered by a reasonably severe bout of food poisoning, which has swept through the squad. Hopefully this has passed, but I still feel that they will struggle against a Swedish side inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sweden will be dangerous opponents and three points here will give them a real chance of going through. Will the home crowd be enough to get Ukraine over the line? I hope so, but I feel a 1-1 draw is the most likely result.

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