Sunday, 1 July 2012


Today is both a happy day and a sad day. This is the final of the EURO 2012 Beer Tournament here on Beer O'Clock Australia but it does mean real reviews can start again tomorrow. Budvar will take on Beck's in this final, both are macro-produced lagers and both are representive of their countries respective pilsner style. This maybe isn't the quality of final expected but it certainly is an interesting one, which country will win out in the battle for pilsner superiority?

Czech Pilsner
Budweiser Budvar has been locked in a long running dispute with Budweiser in America for years over the use of the name. Unlike the American brewery they haven't let it distract them from making good beer. This is a really nice Czech Pilsner with a great Saaz hop finish.

The German entry, Beck's, is just as drinkable as it's Czech counterpart, but falls down just a tiny bit in the flavour department. It doesn't have quite that same hoppiness, which really helped the Budvar stand out. Still really enjoyable beer to sit and watch the footy with.

German Pilsner

This was a really close battle but the Czech Republic have just edged out Germany to win the EURO 2012 Beer Tournament! Budvar edged the Beck's partly due to it's better appearance but mostly due to the superior hops used. Some will say this is a stylistic difference, which in a way it is, but both German and Czech pilsners are fundamentally hoppy and for me this Beck's just didn't quite have enough... Well done to the Czech's on a superb performance throughout the tournament!

If you've been following the tournament recently and don't want it to end, check out some of the other reviews on the site. You will find some great beers (and some not so great ones...) that you will want to try. Thanks again for reading and as usual feel free to keep your emails coming.
On the pitch: SPAIN vs. ITALY

These two sides met in group stages are played out an intriguing draw. Spain will go in as favourites but despite all the matchwinners on their side I believe the Italians hold the key in the form of Mario Balotelli. He will cause the Spanish defence all sorts of trouble if he is on his game, while he could just as likely be sent off in the first 10 minutes. He lives for the big occassion and I feel this is his time. Italy to win 2-1, maybe after extra time.

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