Thursday, 5 September 2013


  • Topic: USA vs. Old World Beer Culture
  • Session Host: Ding's Beer Blog
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This month Adrian from Ding's Beer Blog has the pleasurable task of ready everyone's words of wisdom/drivel. His topic is sure to provide plenty of debate, I certainly know which side of the fence I'm sitting on!

So the real question here is what have the USA, and by extrapolation U.S. brewers. done to change beer? For me the answer is obvious; they've improved it!

Old World beer culture revolves around English Pub culture. While I haven't experienced a heap of this , I'm aware that is based around (on the whole) relatively bland, low ABV beers which can be consumed en masse. This is all well and good, and certainly has a place in society but can it be improved...

Everyone knows that everything is bigger and better in the U.S., and this certainly applies to craft beer. The reason IPA is the most drunk style of craft beer is certainly not due to the English take on the style!

The American beer styles (not just IPA's) are all hop dominant. Small breweries have always been around, however it is the Americans' addition of flavoursome, and sometimes excessive hops, that have commercialized an entire industry. Whether it be huge hoppy stouts or IPA's through to American takes on traditional Belgian classics, Americans beers have struck a chord with drinkers around the world. 

As much as it hurts me to admit it, without U.S. intervention craft beer wouldn't be advanced or appealing as it is today. American brewers are at the forefront of hop use and innovation; and subsequently they are at the top of their field. Without U.S. beers, and the subsequent breweries around the world that they have inspired, craft beer would still be a tiny niche market; not a world phenomenon!

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  1. It is true that the beer world wouldn't be what it is without American influence, but simply over handed use of hops isn't the way to perfection.
    Maybe America sparked the world's fascination with beer and now brewers around the world are perfecting the idea. I honestly think the best beers of the future won't be coming out of US at all.

    1. Agree entirely! This didn't come out quite how I wanted it to. I'd say Scandinavian beer on the whole is better than American beer. Australia and New Zealand are producing brilliant U.S. inspired beers. South African craft beer, in particular Bierwerk, is really interesting as well...

      The future of beer is great!