Saturday, 26 October 2013


Untappd Catchup

A combination of work and uni coming towards the end of the year have limited my reviewing over the past couple of weeks. When you add to this all the new badges Untappd have added and then the badges that have been leveled I would have a huge backlog of reviews to do. So this post will just be to knock off a few of them.

The picture to the right gained me the Photogenic Brew, one of the new Untappd badges. God it's a good beer! Mountain Goat's Summer Ale jumped my Down Under badge up to level 10, while Punk IPA bumped God Save the Queen up to level 7.

Kujukuri Ocean Pale Ale earned me the Rising Sun badge, achieved by sampling 5 Japanese beers. Just as the Down Under and God Save the Queen badges are acheived by having 5 beers from Australia and the U.K. per level.

Land of the Free is another of the new badges and like the aforementioned badges is achieved by having 5 beers from a country. This country is obviously the United States of America. Alaskan IPA was the beer that got this one done, it's a really nice IPA from a brewery that I know predominantly for dark beers. I also love the lime green label, which was a bit of a theme on Sunday; I also Clown Shoes' Galactica, also with a lime green label (unfortunately though it was a disappointment.)

The beer that got me my most recent badge was not a particularly rare one, a simply Hoegaarden. What wasn't so normal about this Hoegaarden was that it was in a can! Has anyone else seen Hoegaarden in a can? It tasted just like a regular Hoegaarden but was a bit flatter. The other thing that surprised me was that this was only my 20th Belgian check-in on Untappd!

So that was a little rambling, but I've smashed this review out in under 10 minutes so I'm pretty happy with it. I've held one of the badges I've got recently back as it's a beer that I've wanted to do a full review on for quite a while. Anyway until next time...

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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