Thursday, 13 March 2014


Untappd Catchup

Unfortunately I'm giving up on trying to make up the deficit of reviews from when my computer was powerless. While it's a sad day, I did want to review some of these by themselves, you do get to read about the latest 6 beers that have earned me Untappd badges today!

Amazingly Blanche de Namur got overlooked at my house over Christmas and lasted all the way to February before I cracked into it. One of my absolute favourite Witbiers, and I love Witbiers! Plenty of citrus and peppery spiciness, such a wonderful beer!

Drink Like a Kiwi Level 5, the badge for drinking beers from New Zealand, was awarded for Moa's 99 Not Out. 99 Not Out is a collaboration between Moa and the "Sheikh of Tweak" himself, Shane Warne, in his first foray into the craft beer world. Affectionately known as an SKW pale ale, it's not a bad beer. Nor is it amazing though, more of an English style Pale Ale with a strong malt backbone dominating the hops.

The Risk Taker badge is possibly the most frustrating badge I've ever unlocked. All you have to do is check into 10 of your recommended in a 60 day period. For months this badge has been sitting on 6 or 7 out of 10, before finally putting some effort into it. I thought I had the 4 beers required to get over the line and then remembered that every time you check into one of the beers from the list, the list changes! Anyway in the end, amazingly, my first check-in of Boag's Draught got me over the line! Can't believe it's been that long since I had a Boag's...

As craft beer reviewers go, I feel I'm right up there with those who can deal with lagers. Most whinge incessantly if they're even in the presence of someone drinking a macro lager. However even I felt disgusted when I drank the last beer to earn the Lite Weight badge. Bud Light is possibly the sweetest lager I have ever come across, it was horrendous! (Secret admission; I actually quite enjoyed Miller Lite...)

Prickly Moses Black Panther IBA gained me a surprise badge; Mardi Gras. It was another badge for checking a beer in on a certain day - so that ones gone for another year if you want it. More importantly this beer was excellent, Prickly Moses beers don't always do it for me but this one is a really nice roasty black IPA with strong citrus hops coming through. Really one to look out for around Melbourne, not sure how their distribution is interstate...

A simple check in to Oakham Citra at home the other night earned me a surprise badge; Brew Traveler Level 4. This is a badge for checking into DIFFERENT locations in different states or countries. This seems to me to be an error unless home as magically moved into a different state without me knowing; but it does at least give me another excuse to tell you all to go buy Oakham Citra! Read my full review here.

So there we have it, back up to date with the Untappd badges again. There's a few good beers in this lot that I recommend you check out. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, there's an Alphabet post coming, at least one bottle vs can, a dark one and hopefully a macro lager from a new country! I'm still trying to track down some of these last remaining European Beer Challenge beers and hopefully I'll be able to bring you one soon. Check out the remaining countries here. Please email me, , if you can help out with any of them or if you have an suggestions for reviews or questions.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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