Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Untappd Catchup

Christmas time has caught up with me! By now you guys probably realize that means it's time for an Untappd Catchup. There's four badges in this review that aren't as common, so check out the artwork - particularly the Down in Smoke badge (first pic, on the right).

With how many Bridge Road beers I've been drinking in December, due to #beerdvent, I'm surprised that there aren't more than 2 of their beers that earned badges. The Posse Winter Ale earned the Winter Wonderland (Level 2) badge. They've laxed the rules on this one so it's now easier to get.

Pale as Moon (Level 30) went to a brand new Victorian brewery, Wolf of the Willows. The beer was their XPA, apparently the new term for Session IPA standing for Extra Pale Ale. Anyway that aside it's a damn good first up effort with plenty of hops and amazing drinkability! If you see this one out and about you could do much much worse than this!

Down in Smoke is the latest of the relative new batch of core badges that I've unlocked. To earn this one you need to drink 5 smoked beers (Rauchbiers, Smoked beers, Grodziskie's etc.) Epic's Love Bacon was the beer that got the job done for me. From my understanding it was a smoked IPA and there were certainly plenty of hops to go along with the expected smoke and bacon. It's less intense than something like the great Aecht Schlenkerla, although it's not going to be for everyone...

Bridge Road's second mention in this Untappd Catchup was their 1000th Brew. It picked up the Heavy Weight (Level 24) badge and it certainly lived up to it's name, clocking in at 11.2%! It was a really interesting stout with roast and chocolate both prominent as well as a spiciness, which I'm beginning to think is hop driven. It's a beer that I really want to see what it's like after a year or two of age.

Birra Dell'Eremo Fiera. It's hard to get a more Italian sounding name than that! The brewery is actually in Assisi, far and away the best place I've been to in Italy yet I had no idea it was there! Anyway the beer, pictured at the top of the page, has a great label and is an American IPA. There's citrus, pine and quite a bit of fruit coming from the hops as well as some caramels malts. It's a really nice balanced IPA, I'd recommend it if you're looking for Italian craft beer. The Badge? The Gondolier (Level 4).

Today was our last day of work for the year, and so we decided to pop out to the Little Creatures Dining Hall for a couple of beers and pizza's to finish off the year. I started off with the standard Pale Ale, and was really surprised to see the Finding the Source (Level 3) badge pop up. The dining hall isn't quite a brewery, but I'll take it. The beer highlight of the day though was the White Rabbit Dark Christmas Ale on Randall, with Christmas pudding in the Randall! It was stunning!

So I did just manage to get that extra review out before Christmas and you just never know, there could be more... In case there isn't, every one have a safe but Merry Christmas! Make sure you drink great beer and I'll be back with more content soon. Let me know what you're drinking over the Christmas period, or just drop me a line at gus.norris7@gmail.com Cheers guys!

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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