Monday, 14 November 2016


Untappd Catchup

I was pretty pleased with getting two full reviews in before this, inevitable, Catchup post. I even had designs on writing a few more before 8 (yes, eight!) badges arrived over Friday and Saturday... In any case, I have 11 beers for you across 12 badges - hope you enjoy the read!

New Brew Thursday (Level 25) was unlocked by my second ever Macedonian beer; Zlaten Dab. It's a run of the mill Euro Lager. Thankfully it's not offensively sweet, and there's even a hint of hop bitterness. It's not one to seek out - but maybe in Macedonia this would be a good shout.

Last Monday after Lizzie's exam we popped down to The Local Taphouse in St Kilda and had a few beers. On the way home I grabbed a bottle of EPIC's Thunder. It was a lovely American Pale Ale, with the pine hops being nicely balanced out by caramel malts. Drink Like a Kiwi (Level 35) was the badge.

A beer that's going to be very popular over the summer months unlocked Election Day (2016) - a badge commemorating the day the U.S. went to the polls with disastrous results... That beer? Modus Operandi's Session IPA. It's been packaged in the striking Modus Operandi 500ml cans - and packs a wonderful citrus hop punch, despite it's modest 4.1% ABV. If you haven't found this one yet, I would urge you to seek it out - it's awesome!

Over the last few months I've rediscovered my love of Scandinavian beers. Amager has been one of the breweries to receive more attention. Their Lubricated Labrador, an Imperial IPA, unlocked 2X (Level 7). This was a wonderful, juicy IPA with tropical fruit flavours abounding. Passionfruit, mango, peach, orange and grapefruit were all prominent. It balances a quite aggressive bitterness with ample malt sweetness. It's an Imperial IPA that I need to sample again!

I'm slightly bemused how the "American Pale Ale" style was the 95th unique style since the Wheel of Styles badge was introduced. Anyway it gives me an excuse to talk about one of the best named beers I've ever had; Behemoth's Tasty Beverage. It lived up to it's name and went down very easily on a warm afternoon at Dr. Morse. There was If it wasn't Wheel of Styles (Level 19).

Wolf of the Willows XPA unlocked Riding Steady (Level 5). I was shocked when I tasted this beer how much I'd missed it. This beer is brilliant! I had it on tap at The Cherry Tree Hotel and a few pints of it were imbibed. The malts are biscuity and compliment the citrus and passionfruit flavours of the hops very nicely. If this beer were more widely available I would drink so much more of it! I intend to anyway - as these pints reminded me just how good a beer it is.

A badge with even less significance outside of America than the Election Day badge was the Veteran's Day (2016) badge, which was unlocked by BrewDog's Dead Pony Club. This was the first beer of a tasting session Dylan and I had while watching the cricket. It's the best mid-strength beer I've had - you can check out the full review I did of this beer in 2013 here.

Riding Steady (Level 6) was unlocked by Nomad's Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose, a beer that has previously unlocked two other badges for me. The difference this time is that this beer has beer released in cans! Tried next to their Saltpan Gose; the Freshie had much more saltiness, as well as a light citrus touch and plenty of coriander. If you haven't yet tried this beer, it's available at Dan's and I highly recommend it.

Arguably the pick of the beers Dylan and I shared was Omnipollo's Magic #3.5 Pineapple Gose. The beer was beautiful, with a tart pineapple flavour dominant. It tastes exactly like what I imagine sour pineapple juice sour taste like. Towards the backend of the palate there is a light saltiness that is incredibly refreshing. You're hearing about it now because it unlocked Pucker Up (Level 44).

The third level of Riding Steady (Level 7) for this Catchup review (and 4th in a week!) was unlocked by Barrow Boys Good Times Ale. This was a really nice mid-strength beer. It's easy drinking with a moderate malt backbone, which lets the citrus and floral hops shine. There's a reasonable amount of bitterness. This is one of the growing number of really impressive Australian mid-strengths that are popping up and one I would recommend if you're looking for a nice mid.

Founders Imperial Stout, a beer that you will here more about soon (more on that later), unlocked two badges Imperial Czar (Level 5) & Hopped Up (Level 50). Most people don't realize that most Russian Imperial Stouts are highly hopped, with this one clocking in at 75 IBU's. The beer is luscious, with masses of creamy chocolate and roasted malts. It's an incredible Russian Imperial Stout and one that I recommend all stout lovers to try.

So guys I hope you all enjoyed this Untappd Catchup - there were a few beers in this post that were truly excellent and that I would recommend you trying. With my studies finishing up for the year on Thursday I'm hoping to get some new content up over the next fortnight or so. In the meantime, keep your emails coming it - I'll endeavour to get to them by the end of the weekend.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!


  1. So my man, can we expect the long brewing article on your beer glass collection this calendar year? Is Santa expected to add to it?

    1. I certainly hope so! It's all written, it's just a matter of pulling out a few more glasses for some photos. I would anticipate it will finally be up by the end of next weekend.

  2. Good stuff. Don't know why I'm so interested, but I am!