Thursday, 25 October 2018


Episode 3 - Show Notes 

For the second month in a row we are almost releasing the podcast episode on time! This is almost unheard of on Beer O'Clock Australia, as regular readers would be aware.

We're going to rotate some segments in and out, especially early on while we get into the swing of things - so if there is anything you love or hate, please let us know! The idea at the moment is that the podcast will be (roughly) monthly, and we'll try and keep that pretty regular - at least more so than I've kept the blog up to date recently... Basically every month we'll discuss some of the latest news from the beer world, we'll talk about some beers that we've been enjoying over the last month & we'll crack something interesting from my cellar.

This month we're debuting two new segments - Scouting Report & a special tribute to one of the most important beers in the history of Australian craft beer. These segments are joined by our four "core" segments; News Items, What We're Drinking, Desert Island 6-Pack & Noz's Cellar. Please keep the feedback coming on what you like about the podcast, we're thoroughly enjoying doing it and tailoring it to what you guys like!

 Show Notes

News Items
  • New Zealand Brewers Guild Awards - A Downturn in Results
  • The Downfall of Australian Wheat Beer - An Equipment Issue?
  • The Black Hops "Incident"
  • Willie Smith wins Awards
  • Rocks Brewery has bought & re-branded
Scouting Report
  • The Incubator - Fixation's Collingwood Taproom
    • 414 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC, 3066
What We're Drinking
  • Cantillon Zwanze Day
    • Carwyn Cellars
    • Manneken Pisse + (6 Cantillon regulars) 
    • 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston
  • Noz's Vietnam Trip
    • South East Asian Macro Lager
    • More Craft Beers than expected
Feral Hop Hog - A Tribute
  • 10 Years of Hop Hog
    • A really important beer in the history of Australian beer.
    • "An Australian Sculpin" - Dylan Toune
Desert Island 6-pack
  • Saison - The rider this month was that almost anything funky counts - we only ruled out the La Sirene Farmhouse Red. Whether it's fruited, sour, highly Bretty - if it's funky it's in. 
  • The cross overs this month were:
    •  Saison Du Pont
    •  Hill Farmstead Arthur (despite Noz saying Anna - he meant Arthur!)
    •  Exit Saison
  • Dylan's X individuals;
      • La Sirene Saison, To Øl Sur Germs Are Coming Eating Our Pomegranate And Redcurrant!, Brasserie de Blaugies/Hill Farmstead Le Vermontoise, 
  • Noz's X individuals;
      • La Sirene Super Saison, To Øl Roses Are Brett, Almanac Saison de Brettaville
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Boatrocker Gaston, Bridge Road Chevalier, Moon Dog Saison Du Punt, Almanac Mandarina, Goose Island Sofie, Brew by Numbers 18|05, Crooked Stave Colorado Wild Sage, Hawkers Saison, Boatrocker Saison, Stomping Ground BA Saison, Brasserie Thiriez La Petite Princess, Trois Dames La Joyeuse
Noz's Cellar
  • Stone Old Guardian (2012)
There we have it guys, hope you enjoy Episode 3 of the Beer O'Clock Australia podcast. As usual send any questions, feedback or comments to We took on board the couple of emails we received last time around and thank you guys for taking the time to give us some feedback. Please let us know if you think we've improved in this episode. The next episode will hopefully be up in mid-November. With any luck I'll have a few more posts up before then! In the meantime...

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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