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2019: The Year of Local

I'm very lucky to live in Melbourne, the craft beer capital of Australia. Melbourne has a huge array of craft brewers from tiny operations out of peoples garages right through to breweries with the capabilities to export their beer around the globe.

Victoria is without a doubt the leading craft beer state in Australia. Melbourne may be the epicentre but it would be a disservice to not mention the many wonderful regional brewers that our state has to offer.

The other day I was thinking about how many commercial brewers there are in Victoria. Naturally, this then lead to me thinking about how many Victorian brewers I have had beers from. I thought about how to go about sourcing this information, before deciding I'd need to create my own list.

Firstly I had to define what I meant by commercial brewer. I settled on a company that produces beer for sale. This allows for the growing number of contract/gypsy brewers to be included in this list; alongside their brethren that own their own stainless.

I've utilized a number of different resources to curate my list. I started with the best Australian resource for this type of thing; the Craft Beer Reviewer list. I've never been the biggest fan of the list, I think that it holds onto extinct breweries for far longer than necessary. With this knowledge I began contacting all of the breweries on the list to see if they were in fact still producing beer. The vast majority got back to me. As I anticipated, a number of brewers had stopped producing beer.

The brewers who I didn't hear back from needed further investigation. For this I used social media, Untappd; to see if their beer was still being consumed, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram; to see if they were still active. In most cases they weren't and I concluded that these brewers were no longer producing beer and could be excluded from the list. Three breweries got back to me and said they're on a break & weren't sure of their intentions in 2019. These breweries have been included in the list & I will re-evaluate them towards the end of 2019.

With all of that said I believe that as of today, January 10th, that this is the most up to date list of active craft brewers in Victoria (see bottom of page). I'm also aware of 4 or 5 brewers, and there are probably at least that many again, that are in the process of getting up and running in 2019. They will be added to the list as they release their first beers. All said and done; I had had beers from barely 60% of them, hell I hadn't even heard of 15% of Victorian brewers! This is something that needed to change!

The idea behind The Year of Local, apart from sampling beer from every brewery in my great state, is to create a directory of all Victorian brewers. A one stop shop if you will, where you can not only find a list, but also get some information about the brewery. These may change in format as I go along, I'll be sure to update the original listings, so let me know what you want to see in these posts.

115 Grill & Brewhouse
3 Ravens
40 Acres Brewing
7 Cent Brewery
Albatross Brewing Co
Bad Shepherd Brewing
Bale-Worker Project Brewery
Bandicoot Brewing
Barrabool Hills Brewing Company (Cockies Beer)
Beach Hut Brewery
Bellarine Brewing Co
Bells Beach Brewing Co
Bells Brewing Co
Black Dog Brewery
Black Heart Brewery
Blackman’s Brewery
Blizzard Brewing
Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers
Bodriggy Brewing Company
Bonehead Brewing
BoJaK Brewing
Brewmanity Beer Co
Brick Lane Brewing Co
Bridge Road Brewers
Bright Brewery
Broo Pty Ltd
Brookes Beer Pty Ltd
Brownstone MicroBrewery
Buckley’s Brewery
Buffalo Brewery
Bullant Brewery
Burnley Brewing
Burra Brewing Co
Byramine Homestead & Brewery
Caltoria Brewing Company
Castlemaine Brewing Co/Shedshaker
Cavalier Brewing
Cheeky Peak Brewery
Clifton Hill Brewpub
Club Brewing Co
Cobalt Brewing
Coburg Brewing Co
CoConspirators Brewing
Coldstream Brewery
Colonial Brewing Co
Cornella Real Brewery
Cubby Haus Brewing
Dainton Family Brewery
Daylesford Brewing Company
Dollar Bill Brewing
Dolphin Brewery
East Ninth Brewing Co
Edge Brewing Project
Exit Brewing
Fixation Brewing Co
Forrest Brewing Co
Fury & Son Brewing Company
Grand Ridge Brewery
Hack Brewing
Hairy Oak Brewing
Harcourt Valley Brewery
Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co
Hawkers Beer
Hawthorn Brewing Co
Henry Street Brewhouse
Hickinbotham Brewery
Himmel Hund Brewing Co
Holgate Brewhouse
Hop Nation Brewing Co
Hopscotch Urban Beer Bar
Howler Brewing Company
Inner North Brewing Co
Jetty Road Brewery
Kaiju! Beer
Kettle Green Brewing Co
Killer Sprocket
King River Brewing
Kooinda Brewery
La Sirene Brewing
Last Word Brewing
Little Gippsland Brewing Co
Little Smith Brewing Co
Loch Brewery and Distillery
Malt Shed Brewery
Mildura Brewery
Mitta Mitta Brewing Co
Molly Rose Brewing Co
Moon Dog Brewing Co
Mornington Peninsula Brewery
Mount Duneed Brewing Co
Mr Banks Brewing Co
Napoleone Brewers
Noble Boy Beer
Ocean Reach Brewing
Odyssey Craft Brewing Co
Old Wives Ales
Otway Brewing (Prickly Moses)
Palling Bros Brewery
Phillip Island Brewing Company
Queenscliff Brewhouse
Quiet Deeds
Rebellion Brewing Pty Ltd
Red Bluff Brewers
Red Duck Micro Brewery
Red Hill Brewery
RedDot Brewhouse
Riders Brew Co
Rutherglen Brewery
Sailors Grave
Salt Brewing Company Brewing
Sample Brew
Seville Ridge Brewery
Shearasun Brewing Company
Shiki Brewing
Social Bandit Brewing Co
Southern Bay Brewing Co
Sow and Piglets
St Andrews Beach Brewery
Stomping Ground Brewing Co
Sweetwater Brewing Company
Tallboy and Moose
Temple Brewery
That Little Brewery
The Cheeky Pint
The Craft & Co
The Flying Horse Bar & Brewery
The Foreigner Brewing Co
The Mansfield Brewing Co
The Mill Brewery
The Public Brewery
Three Greens Brewing Company
Thunder Road Brewing Company
Tooborac Hotel and Brewery
True Brew
True South
Tuesday Night Brewing
Two Bays Brewing Co
Two Birds Brewing
Two Brothers Brewery
Two Pot Brewing Co
Urban Alley Brewery
Valhalla Brewing
Watts River Brewing
West City Brewing
Westside Ale Works
Wolf of the Willows
Wrong Side Brewing
Yellingbo Brewing Company
Zonzo Estate

Carlton United Brewery
The Crafty Squire
Little Creatures Brewing – Geelong
White Rabbit
Mountain Goat Beer

I need your help guys! I need you to let me know if I've missed any breweries off the list or if a new brewery opens near you I need to know. I'm biting off a lot here; there will be at least 150 posts for this to be completed this year. I think I can do it, I'm pretty determined to make it happen.
Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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  1. Hi Noz,
    Ive been making a similar list for work (Brewery supplies). It would be great to collaborate a bit!
    Drop me a line and i can share what i've done.