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Episode 5 - Show Notes 

It had to happen eventually... I'm actually quite surprised that it took the Christmas period for the inevitable to happen. Dylan & I did fall a little behind due to various engagements throughout December, so I do apologize if anyone was hanging out for their Beer O'Clock Australia Podcast fix! It's a good thing we always preface the new segment with "out-dated"! There's a lot of really good stuff in this podcast, that we hope you'll all enjoy!

We're going to rotate some segments in and out, especially early on while we get into the swing of things - so if there is anything you love or hate, please let us know! The idea at the moment is that the podcast will be (roughly) monthly, and we'll try and keep that pretty regular - at least more so than I've kept the blog up to date recently... Basically every month we'll discuss some of the latest news from the beer world, we'll talk about some beers that we've been enjoying over the last month & we'll crack something interesting from my cellar.

This show was recorded way back at the end of November, so some of the news is a little more out-dated than usual. Also in this episode; I checked out Beer 360, we discuss another great Beer Deluxe event & talk about some home brewing techniques. We discuss a range of under appreciated styles in the Desert Island 6-Pack & get our first look inside Dylan's cellar. It's a big episode so buckle in!

 Show Notes

News Items (00:20)
  • Trillium HR & Quality Issues
  • Wig & Pen Is Up For Sale
  • Vale Marco Bona - SA Brewers Pull Together
  • Bad Shepherd Victorian Pale Ale - Melbourne Ale Yeast
  • Good Beer Week & Independent Brewers Association Merger
  • Little Creature Open Furphy Hall in Geelong
  • Panhead Opening a Taproom in London
  • Slowbeer Close Richmond Store
Scouting Report (17:50)
  • Beer 360 - Craft Beer Shop at the old Slowbeer Richmond site.
    • 468 Bridge St, Richmond, VIC, 3121
What We're Drinking (22:48)
  • Firestone Walker - Roll Out the Barrels @ Beer Deluxe
  • Mountain Goat Goat Lager
  • Stomping Ground Gipps St Pale Ale
What We're Brewing (34:18)
  • Mango Gose
    • Pilsner Malt, Wheat Extract
    • Lacto Plantarum & Neutral Yeast Co-pitched
    • Dry Hopped at desired pH
    • A full tray of mangoes - approx. 200g/L
  • ESB's (from last episode)
    • Changed tea to Cherries & Raspberries. All variants being bottled.
    • Tasting Notes for the straight ESB.
Desert Island 6-pack (44:03)
  • "Dark-er Lagers"
      • Vienna Lager, Amber Lager, American Red Lager, Euro Dark Lager, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier 
  • The cross over this month was:
    •  Burnley Brewing Vienna Lager
  • Dylan's 5 individuals;
      • Monteith's Black Beer, Matilda Bay Dogbolter, Weihenstephaner Tradition, Mornington NZ Black Pilsner, Hawkers/Edge/Kaiju/Evil Twin/Baird Inappropriate Touching
  • Noz's 5 individuals;
      • Staropramen Cerny, Kozel Cerny, U Medvidku Oldgott Barique, Valmiermuiza Tumsais, Barrow Boys Stormy Lager 
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Efes Dark, Toohey's Old, 1516 Bavarian Dunkel, Red Hill The Dark Horse Schwarz, Gauden Schwarzbier, 
Dylan's Cellar (1:15:45)
  • Red Duck Big Licky
    • Released July 2016
    • Their Licky - a licorice flavoured lager - that they've turned into an Imperial Stout.
    • Thumbs Up!
We apologize for the extra long episode this month; Dylan & I may have got a little too into some of these topics. Keep your emails/questions etc. coming in - - we take everything on board and try and make little adjustments where we can to make this show better for you guys. We're recording a new episode any day and will have that to you - along with a whole heap of written content - as soon as we can.

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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