Saturday, 28 March 2020


Episode 14 - Show Notes 

What a difference a month makes! We recorded this episode in late February when the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was just starting to enter the consciousness. It's amazing how much our world has changed... In any case, I hope all of you out there are looking after yourselves & isolating appropriately.

If this is your first time listening to a Beer O'Clock Australia podcast, welcome! We change the segments up a little each month, however most months we'll discuss some of the latest news from the beer world, we'll talk about some beers that we've been enjoying over the last month & we'll crack something interesting from my cellar.
This month we reverted to form. We covered the news (pre COVID-19), we discussed a couple of cracking new Victorian beer releases as well as our impending trip to the Gold Coast (which will be covered on the next episode). We added 3 more beers to our ranking of lagers, it's quite long this month after some debates were entered, as well as our Desert Island 6-pack reappearing in the form of beers released in 2019. As usual we finish of with a bottle from my cellar. Hope you enjoy the episode!

 Show Notes

News Items
  • Stomping Ground Airport Opens
  • Hard Seltzer Festival
  • Melbourne Uni's Electronic Nose for Beer 
    • We coudln't find the link! Apologies for those looking for it!
  • Killer Sprocket Opening in Bayswater
  • Wolf of the Willows Opening in Mordialloc
  • Ratebeer Awards
What We're Drinking (14:34)
  • We're off to the Gold Coast!
  • Deeds Kapurkova
  • Hawkers Late to the Party
Ranking of Lagers (20:20)
  • This week we had to slot in Steinlager (New Zealand), Skopsko (North Macedonia) & Karlovacko (Croatia)
  • The New Rankings are as follows:
    1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
    2. Tennent's (Scotland)
    3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
    4. Quilmes (Argentina)
    5. Kingfisher (India)
    6. Gullmack (Norway)
    7. Sapporo (Japan)
    8. Birra Moretti (Italy)
    9. Corona (Mexico)
    10. Steinlager (New Zealand)
    11. Heineken (Netherlands)
    12. San Miguel (Philippines)
    13. Cantina (El Salvador)
    14. Tusker (Kenya)
    15. Skopsko (North Macedonia)
    16. Tiger (Singapore)
    17. Karlovacko (Croatia)
    18. Singha (Thailand)
    19. Red Stripe (Jamaica)
    20. Vonu (Fiji)
    21. Cusquena (Peru)
Desert Island 6-pack (46:18)
  • Best of 2019!
  • The cross overs this month were:
    •  Mr Banks The Drop #1, Quiet Deeds Survivor Type, 
  • Dylan's X individuals;
      • Cloudwater X White Hag Cairde Gan Teorainneacha, The Winston Black Rye IPA, Collective Arts Blackberry, Cherry, Lemon & Vanilla Sour, Black Arts Golden Ale with Mandarin 
  • Noz's X individuals;
      • Other Half X Monkish The La La, Blackman's Same Day IPA Super Hop, Lanikai Haleakala, Hawkers X Carwyn The Forgotten Casks
  • Honourable Mentions
    • Black Arts Biere de Coupage, Boatrocker DDH IPA, Mr Banks Once Upon a Time in Armadale, Mr Banks X Range Keep the Change, Quiet Deeds Slenderman, Littlebrew Raspberry Lambic, Alvarado Street So Delightful, Molly Rose Tretti Tre, Cheeky Pint Blueberry Raspberry Stout
Noz's Cellar (1:09:25)
  • Victory V12
    • Belgian Quadrupel
    • 12% ABV
    • Cellared for Ages (?5-7 Years)
    • Thumbs Up
There we have it guys, a little longer than we would normally like, but in these strange times it's probably not the worst thing to have a little more content than usual. Our podcast can now be found on Spotify, so if that's your preferred platform you're now able to switch over to that. As usual you can contact me at if you have any questions, thoughts or simply want to chat. Stay safe everyone & ....

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!


  1. Love the podcast, always a great listen. Interesting rankings with the international beers. Stay safe guys. Cheers.

    1. Cheers Simon, same to you! Is there anything you'd like to see us cover? We're always interested to hear feedback!

  2. Mate, you guys do a great job covering things. I don't have too many suggestions for you... maybe with the lockdown, home brewing options?