Friday, 17 April 2020


Episode 15 - Show Notes 

Welcome to another episode of the Beer O'Clock Australia podcast. It's our first podcast that we've done remotely, so apologies if there are a few teething issues- although Dylan's done a really good job of editing as usual & we're happy with the results. We'll fine tune the process over the next couple of episodes while we keep trying to bring you content whilst still confined to our respective houses.

If this is your first time listening to a Beer O'Clock Australia podcast, welcome! We change the segments up a little each month, however most months we'll discuss some of the latest news from the beer world, we'll talk about some beers that we've been enjoying over the last month & we'll crack something interesting from my cellar.

This month we covered the latest COVID-19 beer related news as well as some news from before the world changed irrevocably. We discussed our work trip to the Gold Coast, which involved a lot of beers after the actual work got done, talked about some local new beers & added a new beer to our Ranking of Macro Lagers. We finish off with a Cellar segment with a twist, as we obviously couldn't be in the same room to share a beer.

 Show Notes

News Items
  • COVID-19 Causes Chaos with the Beer Calendar
    • Everything is cancelled
  • Industry Pulling Together
    • Carwyn Cellars Quarantinnies
    • East Coast Canning - Kegs to Cans
    • Beer Together
    • Keeping Local Alive
    • Matthew Beggs' Spreadsheet link
    • Breweries Making Hand Sanitiser
  • Pregnancy Warning Labels Scrapped
  • ABAC Tightened Compliance
  • Broo Record More Losses (Is this still news?)
  • Hop Products Australia Open New Facility
  • Hop Nation Release J-Juice to Replace Jedi Juice
What We're Drinking (19:30)
  • Gold Coast Trip
    • Madocke
    • Gold Coast
    • Black Hops
    • Balter
  • Madocke Cherry Beer
  • Deeds Fear & Loathing in Brewsvegas
  • Deeds Grisette
  • Hop Nation Melbourne Fog & Hop Nation 7 Clouds
  • La Sirene Farmhouse Red 
  • Augustiner Maximator
  • General Quarantine Beer Chat
Ranking of Lagers (44:37)

  • Slowly this down for obvious reasons; this month we slot Stella Artois into the rankings
  • The new rankings are as follows:
    1. Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)
    2. Tennent's (Scotland)
    3. Carlsberg (Denmark)
    4. Quilmes (Argentina)
    5. Kingfisher (India)
    6. Gullmack (Norway)
    7. Sapporo (Japan)
    8. Birra Moretti (Italy)
    9. Corona (Mexico)
    10. Steinlager (New Zealand)
    11. Heineken (Netherlands)
    12. San Miguel (Philippines)
    13. Cantina (El Salvador)
    14. Stella Artois (Belgium)
    15. Tusker (Kenya)
    16. Skopsko (North Macedonia)
    17. Tiger (Singapore)
    18. Karlovacko (Croatia)
    19. Singha (Thailand)
    20. Red Stripe (Jamaica)
    21. Vonu (Fiji)
    22. Cusquena (Peru)
Noz's Cellar (55:18)
  • We're delving into both of our cellars this month
  • Noz has a Wildflower Amber Batch 24
  • Dylan has a Wildflower Amber Batch 23
  • Compared to tasting notes
That's it for another month on the Beer O'Clock Australia podcast. Considering the challenges thrown our way I think this turned out pretty well. We've got some new equipment in bound, which should make our next episode sound a little cleaner as well as giving us the option to record interviews out & about if we go down that route in the future. As usual emails are welcomed with any comments/questions at

Remember it's always Beer O'Clock somewhere in the world!

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